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The Arm. Catholic Patriarchate’s Holy Cross-Harboyan High School is more than 25 years old. During these decades, this institution has nurtured education to the Armenian students, strengthened in them the roots of Christian belief, and instructed them to be successful and virtuous Armenians and become the pride of both their nation and country.

Throughout these 25 prosperous years, the Holy Cross - Harboyan High School has acted according to this vision, and today, with this ceremony, the administration finalizes the list of the celebrations on the occasion of the silver jubilee of the school’s establishment.

The quarter century history of the Arm. Catholic Patriarchate’s Holy Cross - Harboyan High School is a true evidence of the persistency of its administration and the Patriarchy to walk through the right path of Armenian nationalism, which would surely serve as a starting point to celebrate more decades of higher achievements.

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