Celebration of Lebanese Independence Day
Tue, 21 Nov 2017

On Tuesday, November 21, the students of Holy Cross-Harboyan High School presented a program to celebrate the occasion of the Lebanese Independence Day. 

After the anthems of Lebanon, Armenia and Holy Cross-Harboyan High School, grade 11 student Tevin Ekshian said in her opening speech that poets have always praised Lebanon and its joyful occasions, especially the special day of its independence, which resembles freedom and dignity. She mentioned that all of us rejoice for our homeland which has managed to endure all the difficulties and accomplish the impossible through its independence and the unity of its people.

Songs, peoms and theatrical shows were presented by the students to celebrate the independence day.

The keynote speaker, the general Manuel Kiredjian said that independence means to have the freedom of decision, without the intervention of any other party. He said that in 1943 the Lebanese gained the independence of their homeland, which consisted of land and people. The people preserve the land nad the state stands up for the country's independence, so that the people will live with dignity. The general asked the students to support the independence through education and work, thus serving their homeland. He also emphasized the role of the army who has a great role in defending the country and its independence.

Most Reverend Father Yeghia Yeghiayan said in his word that according to the philosophers, those who love God also love their homeland, so all of us are called to preserve this beautiful country and serve our homeland. He said that this was the message of today's celebration, and congratulated and thanked the teachers who prepared this program and the students who presented it.
At the end, the principal Father and the academic and administrative directors of the school honored general Kiredjian with a souvenir.

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