Life Skills Program in the Kindergarten
Tue, 28 Nov 2017

In times where technology prevails, channels of communications are changing, we found a HOPE. A hope that makes the best use of communication with different cultures and societies and help create a better and stronger classrooms, families, societies and a country. Life skills/Social Skills is the missing piece of puzzle that will offer our learners a language of communication, a culture of listening, speaking, cooperating and a nation that is built on collaboration, good manners, success stories and individuals who grow to their maximum potentials.

At Holy Cross Harboyan High School, we started the Life skills program in the Preschool Department this academic year 2017-2018 to help prepare better citizens. Students have a fixed period of LIFE SKILLS where each week class teachers introduce and do major activities to elaborate the given skill. Throughout the week they do follow up activities in their daily lessons to ensure that practice and grow in the given skill.  The program will continue for higher classes the coming years.

The program will include 15 skills that will be covered throughout the coming years in a continuous manner.

The fifteen skills are Self-Regard- Emotional Self Awareness- Assertiveness- Independence- Self Actualization- Empathy- Social Responsibility- Interpersonal Responsibility- Stress Tolerance- Impulse Control- Reality Testing- Flexibility- Problem Solving and when these skills are achieved, our learners reach a level of Optimism and Happiness.

Our learners read stories about how they are special, practiced worksheets, performed songs about their names, their favorite colors, their body parts. They also played with dough to draw themselves and identify their strengths and weaknesses.


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