Vartanantz Celebration
Fri, 02 Feb 2018

The celebration of Vartanants Day took place on Friday, February 2, 2018, with the guest speaker Reverend Father Varak Berberian.

After the anthems of Lebanon, Armenia and Holy Cross-Harboyan High School, the opening speech  was done by the 11th grade students Lory Demirdjian, Mher Djenanian, Tvin Ekshian and Alina Kayfedjian. They said that Vartanants is not just a holiday, but a sacred conception, whose battle is driven everyday throughout our lives. Today is a day of commemoration, a day of patriotism, the victory of light against darkness, the victory of good against evil, the victory of the cross against the fire. Today we are called to fight the darkness, evil and fire, being the faithful and unshakable soldiers of Jesus Christ and our motherland.

The students presented songs, dance and recited poems to celebrate St. Vartanantz Day.

Rev. Father Berberian said in his speech that whatever the Persian with its elephants, Rome with its vast empire, Byzantium with its swords, and the brutal Ottoman with its gangs and weapons failed to do, do not let the worm nibble us from within. He mentioned that today we have remained Armenians because although St. Vartan was martyred in the battle, thousands of Vartans followed him. Father Berberian asked the students not be ashamed of being Armenians and of speaking the Armenian language. It is good to speak French, it is good to know English, but they neither make us Vartan, nor Gregory the Illuminator, nor Nerses Shnorhali, said the Reverend Father. He also asked the schools and the assosciations to work together for the good of the Armenian people, and to be proud of being Armenians, because the whole world only marks the resurrection of Christ, but we mark three resurrections, that of Jesus Christ, of St. Vartan and the martyrs of the Armenian Genocide.

At the end, the administrative director Mr. Aram Karadaghlian thanked all those who prepared and presented today's program. He congratulated those who are called Vartan, Vahan and Ghevont, as well as he wished good luck to all the students' in their mid-year exams.

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